Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ernest Hemingway Marinades

The use of prepackaged mixes and marinades are not one I always fully endorsed but as it turns out not all are created equal. And I if I find a gem chances are I’m going to share it! As a Foodinista (God that ista this is so overdone) I love finding new ideas and flavors and I prefer to find it in a supermarket so that it can be easily obtained by all!
The brand is Ernest Hemingway Marinades and the particular one I overused is Kenya Lemon and White Wine. I can’t begin to tell you the ideas that kept coming up due to this marinade. So I have a few dishes I would like to share with you that were inspired from this humble bottle!

My husband hates vegetables. Indeed he thinks that he ate enough vegetables and now there is no need to keep up with the current movement of the healthy eater. I discovered that he will eat micro-greens salad. I guess they’re so tiny and frankly to me, so delicious he cant help himself! So the idea to pair them with seared scallops was quite exciting with this marinade.

The Scallops fresh from Fairways were marinated in the marinade for two hours with a wonderful bulb of shallots (my onion flavor for the Summer 2010). If you want a more intense flavor do it longer but be careful you may end up with a cevechie type effect so two would be the maximum for scallops. As usual an extremely hot pan and canola oil as it stands up to more intense heat and has a neutral flavor unlike olive oil.
Quickly sear each side less that 3 minutes on either side. Add the marinade to the frying pan after the scallops are done and cook until reduced. The shallots will caramelize sweet. Place the shallots on top of the micro greens and garnish with the reduction.

Another dish this marinade effortlessly complimented was a swordfish. I marinated it and broiled it with Sweet Vidalia onions. Basmati rice and a salad of Raddichio and Butterleaf lettuce. Lay the leaves flat on top of each other. Roll tightly and chiffonade. I only added fresh ground black pepper and a tad of oil more to the dressing.

Another simple quick and easy dish is to take jumbo or colossal shrimp and marinade them. Again fresh chopped shallots and fresh ground pepper with a dash of chili pepper flakes.  It's a quick and easy snack and a great appetizer.

Simple and easy these dishes can be made in less than half an hour for a quick and easy weekday meal or like the scallops and micro greens a beautiful first course for an elegant dinner party.
Elegant Eating! 
And you are welcome.

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