Saturday, July 30, 2011

BUTTA PARKAY!!! (Part 2)

Don’t you love Parmigiano Reggiano cheese? I know I’m on the cheese thing again! But the fact is that my other butter comes from this area.

Location, location, location,!  In this case an incredibly rich area of Italy

The Piazza in Reggio Emila! I loved Europe for this!

It is called Delitia, but I call it Delite!This butter is very fragrant but has a delicate flavor that instantly melts on your tongue. Now let me explain this for a minute; If you take a small amount of say Land O’ Lakes butter on your tongue it melts to an oily water feel. You will recognize instantly with this butter it disolves in a sweet creaminess and then is gone with no aftertaste.

Delightful Delitia!

The milk is collected from Parma and Reggio Emilia family owned farms. The pasteurized creams from the milk is strictly selected in accordance with extraordinary and rigorous disciplinary of production leaving this butter in my opinion without equal!

Farm area in the Reggio Emilio

This dense butter has its water content during production dispersed in fine droplets which make the butter look dry. The butterfat however, at around 83% makes it nice, nice, nice!

What to enjoy this with best you ask? Fresh baked bread, any kind! It is so luscious it will then easily guide you to enjoy it on all your favorite foods! Someone say lobster!!! The clarified butter this produces is all flavor, and flavor so intense that Alaskan King Crabs take on a whole new meaning!

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